Tripod’s Commitment to a Win-Win Situation Between Customers and the Company

Win-Win Strategy

Tripod's Five Major Commitments







In order to implement the principles of honesty and mutual benefits, and actively fulfill commitments, the Company has established the “Corporate Ethical Management Best Practice Principles,” “Code of Ethical Conduct,” and “Procedures for Corporate Ethical Management and Behavior” to specifically regulate all employees of the Company and set up provisions regarding the prevention of unethical conduct. In addition, the Company also educates all employees about the importance of ethical conduct at all times and has assigned dedicated units to perform routine checks while handling violations in accordance with relevant rules and regulations.

In addition to establishing rules and regulations governing ethical corporate management, code of conduct with regard to the prevention of insider trading and recusal of interests has also been established to be followed by sales and marketing personnel. Furthermore, the Company also prevents unethical conduct during business activities, the conduct of giving or accepting a bribe, illegal political contributions, and other events through inspections performed by dedicated units.

For reporting matters, the Company has set up complaint lines and channels as well as suggestion boxes to accept and handle reported cases, where dedicated units are responsible for carrying out relevant affairs. The Company also protects the rights of the prosecutor and handles any violation in accordance with relevant rules and regulations. For accepted reporting matters, the Company protects the rights of the prosecutor from improper treatments toward them.