Business Philosophy

Tripod’s 4 key business culture and values :

Integrity Innovation Commitment CustomerNO.1

1.   Total Service Management (TSM) with full employee participation :
     Our employees treat colleagues, superiors and subordinates and partners (customers, vendors, shareholders) well as customers.
2.   Streamlined production management with full employee participation :
      Emphasize quality, cost and optimization.
3.  Total Quality Management (TQM) with full employee participation

     TQM introduction is backed by departmental, managerial and employee commitment, support, participation, communications and cultural changes.

     Focus on internal and external customers; enhance internal (including all colleagues, superiors and subordinates served) and external customer satisfaction; always consider how to do things right.

     Maximize work resources (human, time, financial, etc.) and always consider workflow and quality improvements.

     Continue to improve business and production flows.

     Create workflow performance evaluation: Establish and review management and work benchmarks; effectively apply balanced scorecard and Six Sigma.

     We see vendors as partners as we emphasize vendor quality and cost cycle.

Provide internal and external customers with quality products and services with TQM to enhance manufacturing efficiency and lower cost.

5.   Empowerment Encourage self-management, discipline and consciousness :
6.   Safety & Security Full employee support for industrial safety
7.   We don’t’ comprise on :
 Integrity   Safety    Quality 
8.   Team Work & Collaboration Emphasis on teamwork :
9.  Create value with balanced scorecard to fulfill our mission, vision and shareholder value. Implement knowledge management system :
10.  Implement knowledge management system :
     Enhance exchange, sharing and learning. Create a knowledge-sharing learning organization for improved core competencies.
11.   Encourage people marketing :
     Putting customers first, all Tripod employees are involved in marketing and customer service efforts and the maintenance of personal and corporate image.
12.  Our winning strategy :

Our winning strategy

Win Win
Create win-win scenario for customers and company.
Create win-win scenario for workers and company.
Create win-win scenario for vendors and company.
Create win-win scenario for shareholders and company.
Create win-win scenario for society and responsibility of enterprises .


13.  Our Mission
      Aggressive yet humble, Tripod workers implement profit-generating and winning strategies.
14.  Our Vision :
      Pursue excellence, global leadership and a prosperous future.